My Approach


  • Mjjthomasfightery client, the great LPGA Hall of Fame golfer, Jane Blalock, said of me: “Much like a great golfer, Jim Thomas knows how and when to use both power and finesse to achieve the best result possible.” That quote largely captures my approach to legal problems.
  • Solving legal problems almost always requires a combination of negotiation and threats and/or use of force. I am skilled at the former and not hesitant to use the latter. The art of the game is to know when to use these two conflicting tools.
  • The goal of most clients embroiled in a dispute is to get the dispute resolved favorably as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Ironically, achieving that goal is often best accomplished by showing the ability, determination, confidence, and eagerness to litigate the dispute through a trial and appeal and to do whatever is necessary to win, and I make sure the other side knows I have all of those.
  • In other words, when the other side is not listening, they may need a legal punch in the mouth and then talks can resume or more “punches” need to be thrown until there is an agreement or, if the dispute needs to go the distance, a knockout.
  • The second choice of most clients is to do whatever is necessary, taking into consideration the stakes involved and resources available, to win.
  • The unacceptable third choice of all clients and to me is to lose.
  • I believe that the effective negotiator/litigator fights the battles that matter and are clearly winnable, not every battle he can find, and that is what I do.
  • I never allow myself to be out-worked or out-prepared. That is the source of true confidence that is unmistakable in my adversaries, which is an essential element in solving legal problems.
  • Effective aggression does not require anger or disrespectful  behavior, which only wastes time and money and exposes insecurity. The kind of aggression that is effective is a dispassionate display of unmistakable true confidence, resolve to win at any and all costs, and relentless pressure, sometimes with finesse and sometimes with raw power.