Louis Vuitton Trade Secret Row With ex-VP

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trademark attorney lawyerFamed Parisian handbag designer Louis Vuitton has filed a claim against former vice president Joon Ma, alleging that she took trade secrets with her when she left for rival American handbag maker Coach, Inc., in violation of her confidentiality and non-compete agreement with the company.


LV, a subsidiary of global fashion conglomerate LVMH, alleges that Ma left her position as Vice President of Canada and Bermuda, to head up a similar position as Coach’s Senior Vice President for Global Customer Experience, despite a six-month non-compete clause in her contract.  LV also alleges that Ma stored a number of confidential files on jump drives and deliberately deleted files and emails on LV computers before she left the company.


LV also claimed that Ma’s position as one of the top executives in the company made the breach even more significant because she had access to highly sensitive and confidential information and trade secrets.


The matter is currently pending before the Supreme Court of the State of New York, a trial court.


Although this case is more high profile than most, many of the issues are commonplace with employees of any business, especially when high-level executives leave to join competitors.   Your business can protect itself by creating policies and procedures for data storage, establishing non-compete agreements, requiring confidentiality agreements of all employees, and enforcing procedures at exit when an employee leaves the company.


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