Pro Wrestler Wins $2.3 M in Hepatitis C Lawsuit

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Pro wrestler ‘Hannibal’ has won a $2.3 million lawsuit after allegedly contracting Hepatitis C from wrestler Abdullah the Butcher during a match.  Devon Nicholson, better known by his wrestling name Hannibal, contends that he contracted the disease from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Abdullah the Butcher, whose real name is Lawrence Robert Shreve.

Hannibal and Abdullah met in the ring in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada  back in 2007.  Hannibal alleges that Abullah had a razor blade taped to his gloved hand during the match, which was used to cut Hannibal.

Hannibal alleges that he was offered a three-year contract with WWE in 2009, but the contract was cancelled by the wrestling governing body after he tested positive for Hepatitis C.

A Canadian judge with the Ontario Superior Court ruled in early June that Hannibal did, in fact, contract the disease from Abdullah and that, by ‘blading’ Hannibal during the match, he passed along the disease.  Abdullah has been ordered to pay restitution to Hannibal in the amount of $2.3 million.  Abdullah now has thirty days to appeal the ruling.

Although Hepatitis C is generally considered incurable, Hannibal has gone through some experimental treatments and now says he is disease free.  He hopes the WWE will reinstate him to the ring.

The CBC reports that, after his courtroom victory, Hannibal celebrated on the courthouse steps by throwing his lawyer over his shoulder and demonstrating a move called the ‘Sacrifice Power Bomb’ on the unsuspecting attorney.

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