Steve Bartkowski

Whether in a battle or trying to make the best deal possible, there is no one I would rather have on my side than Jim Thomas. Jim has not only represented me as a lawyer but also as a wise counselor for many years.

Steve Bartkowski Former All-Pro NFL Quarterback & Current Business Executive
Don King

Jim Thomas is a tough negotiator, fearless litigator, and worthy adversary who fights extremely hard for his clients at all times.

Don King Legendary/Notorious Boxing Promoter
Jane Blalock

Much like a great golfer, Jim Thomas knows how and when to use both power and finesse to achieve the best result possible.  He is a fighter and a gentleman and both practical and creative. We are proud to have Jim represent the Women’s Senior Golf Tour as both Commissioner and General Counsel. 

Jane Blalock LPGA Hall of Fame Golfer
Evander Holyfield

Jim Thomas is a legal warrior who fights as hard for me outside the ring as I fight in the ring. Jim has consistently achieved outstanding results for me for many years.  Thanks to Jim, I signed the largest contract for a single performance in sports or entertainment history (up to that time), and he made sure I was paid every dollar. 

Evander Holyfield Heavyweight World Champion and Entrepreneur
Joe Corley

Jim Thomas very effectively uses his many years of martial arts training in representing his clients.  He is intense, focused, fearless, and honorable, and he fully understands and utilizes the concept of leverage.  Jim’s combination of warrior spirit and superb legal, negotiation, and litigation skills have served me and the PKA extraordinarily well for many years.

Joe Corley Hall of Fame Kickboxer & President Professional Karate Association

Jay Larkin

I have worked with many lawyers in the sports and entertainment industry, but none better than Jim Thomas at protecting and fighting for his clients.  Having been on the other side of the negotiation table from Jim, I have great respect not only for his skill but also his integrity.

Jay Larkin Executive Producer Showtime Entertainment

Lou DiBella

Jim Thomas brings intelligence, skill, toughness, and integrity to any negotiation, and he is intensely loyal to his clients.  We’ve been in some difficult situations where we’ve found ourselves on opposite sides of the negotiating table.  He’s the kind of adversary I wish I could deal with more often because, although he fights hard to get the best deal for his clients, he is an honorable guy. 

Lou DiBella Senior Vice President HBO Sports
 Marc Ratner

I have watched Jim Thomas represent his clients before the Nevada Athletic Commission many times, and he not only fights hard for his clients’ rights, but he does so with dignity, respect, and fairness.  Jim is not only very effective; he is also truly one of the “good guys” in boxing.

Marc Ratner Executive Director Nevada Athletic Commission
Mark & Sue Hanson

I recall the first time that Jim and I spoke.  Someone had just hit my wife Sue and me with two law suits that we felt had no legal merit, but the legal process is daunting, and we knew things could easily go awry if we did not have top flight representation.  Jim had been recommended to us by a person who was knowledgeable of the law firms in Atlanta, and who described Jim as very knowledgeable, experienced, highly responsive, and dedicated to his clients, and who is totally committed to winning. Sue and I soon learned that Jim is all of those things and more.  Jim also worked with us on a fee structure that allowed us to defend ourselves.

Jim’s: (a) familiarity with the court system and rules, (b)his obvious rapport with judges and their clerks, and (c) his relentless focus on the law making the plaintiff’s false allegations irrelevant were awesome. It was obvious to us that due to Jim’s genuine confidence, the opposing counsel recognized him as a potent and even intimidating attorney. Jim not only won the case; he crushed the other side and even got attorneys fees awarded to us.

Mark & Sue Hanson Atlanta, Georgia
David Elmore

For several years, Jim Thomas has been the outside general counsel for two companies of which I’m the CEO: Encap Technologies and Freshana Organic Solutions.  Jim has expertly handled a virtual smorgasbord of issues and cases, including contract drafting, company-organization documents, theft by a former officer, product marketing language, shareholder agreements and disputes, investment documents, and much more.

Jim has shown great finesse, diplomacy, and insight in negotiations, and when necessary aggressive and relentless action, pertaining to multiple lawsuits that Encap initiated by and against former shareholders who had taken harmful action against Encap.  Jim’s persistence and tenacity in those suits helped Encap gain the upper hand and achieve its desired goals without minimal disruption of our business activities.

Jim especially excels at attorney-client relationships.  He listens well, offers attuned advice at appropriate moments, and then follows through efficiently and practically with our desires, which are almost always in the direction he has set forth.  Both companies are happy to have a thoughtful veteran of the legal world in Jim, and we especially like his unusual mixture of both confidence and humility. 

David Elmore CEO of Encap Technologies, LLC & Freshana Organic Solutions, LLC
Phil Penston

Jim Thomas and I have had a professional relationship for over fifteen years. From assisting my consulting firm, ProVantage Consulting with performing complex financial valuations and setting up international family trusts for a Mexican manufacturer to helping to develop and launch the World Boxing League, Jim has been nothing short of a rock, someone that you can depend on to give critical, thoughtful analysis to any situation. Jim is a tenacious, confident, and fearless professional who works tirelessly to get the results his clients are seeking. 

Phil Penston CEO of ProVantage Consulting & World Boxing League, Inc.
Susie & Mark Galyardt

When Mark and I were taken advantage of by an unscrupulous company that was building our home, we needed someone who would stand up for us against a lawyer who has a reputation for intimidating every opposing lawyer he faced. Jim stepped in and became our “prize fighter,” protector, and attack dog, facing down the smug principals of the builder and their bully lawyer, which he clearly enjoyed doing. Jim also worked out a creative mutually-beneficial fee arrangement that allowed us to keep going rather than settle. Jim won the case at the trial court level and on appeal and even obtained an award of attorneys’ fees using a very clever procedural maneuver. Jim displayed the experience, flexibility, practicality, creativeness, and most of all courage and tenacity that we needed to have justice done. We will always be extremely grateful.

Susie & Mark Galyardt Atlanta, Georgia